Three brands that dazed me Print


There is something about the number 3 that is compelling at all times.

It is is the number of good fortune. It is the trinity. It is even the number of this blogs thematic focus.

Enough of my ramblings. Let us now delve into the three brands that dazed me out of my relaxation in the journey to unveil this website project.

The brands are hereby presented in no particular order of preference:

  • Timothy "Sir Timmy" Elegbede


This astute young man was born on 22nd June, 1984 sandwiched amongst five other kids in Sokoto State, Nigeria.
He is originally from Oyo State. Sir Timmy has the following ideals that best describes him.
Please note that they are in no scale of preference. Lol!

  • A die hard Nigerian to the core.
  • A football Fanatic.
  • A honorary vodkaholic.
  • A lover of Photography and Music.
  • Always ready to go.

He is the official photographer of the A. B. C. (blcompère) brand.

You can connect with him via:





  • Zanswat Bowsan



This smart young lady is from Kaduna State. A graduate of English Language who currently works with the acclaimed Leadership newspaper. She had a job stint with Chocolate City group in Nigeria. Her passions are flamed by photography, makeup artistry, dancing and music.

She is the founder of the brand "MuSaraya" (A combination of her parents names: Musa and Saraya).  It is a makeup and photography company currently based in Abuja, Nigeria.

She is the official makeup artist of the A. B. C. (blcompère) brand.

You can connect with her via:




  • Elvis Onyeneke

He is the brain behind the entire design of this website.

He is the Principal partner of Cloveebiz Ltd. An ICT consulting firm that offers designing, hosting of websites, e commerce, web applications, online marketing services amongst several others.

He can be contacted via:

Elvis Onyeneke


Here we have the 3-pronged brands that simply dazed me. I sincerely hope that you connect with them and get dazed for good as well.

Take charge!

My name is Blossom of the blcompère brand. I am a soon to be published Author, a certified Blogger and an amazing Compère and most recently, a lousy Designer... as simple as A. B. C. D.


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