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The last New Year eve was a remarkable one for Nigerians. Some affirmed their resolutions while others reaffirmed theirs.

Suddenly a brand New year 2012 unfolds and plans are deployed for an all-round exciting year ride.

Then came the New Year gift from the President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan led Government. Alas! PMS will now be retailed at 141NGN per liter. This was a staggering 117% increase in the former price of 65NGN.

There came the public outcry that halted economic activities for about 10 days. End result the retail price was changed to 97NGN a fair 49% increase compared to the former.

An assurance has emerged from the Federal Government of Nigeria via a brand called “SURE Programme” an acronym for Subsidy Reinvestment and Empowerment Programme.

The #SURE-P aims to do the following;

  • To mitigate the immediate impact of petroleum subsidy discontinuation on the population.


  • To accelerate economic transformation through investments in critical infrastructure projects.


  • To lay a foundation for the successful development of a national safety net Programme.

The Befuddling question now is…with the panoply of possibilities that Fuel Subsidy removal portrays, Why are Nigerians kicking against it?
The answer may not be far from the following concerns;

  • Removal of Fuel subsidy is a good policy at a wrong time.


  • The Government should save cost from other key expenses like Cutting down the cost of governance etc.


  • The big-headed masquerade called “Corruption” might still rear up its head and enjoy the funds meant for #SURE-P

All the above fears are not far-fetched.

Let us make a little detour and talk about a particular #SURE bottle that we all are sure of. The #SURE Deodorant…

This particular bottle has evolved over the years. There was a time due to lack of funds, I will have to turn it upside down to allow the contents to drip down for me to use when it is almost finished.

Now, that same bottle of #SURE has become slicker and more attractive, the image is more defined, the content is more user- friendly and the cap now closes with a click.
***Most fascinating of all, THE BOTTLE NOW SITS ON ITS HEAD!!!

Let us now assume that the Government is the manufacturer of the #SURE deodorant and we are the end users of the product.

Everything can be improved, everything can CHANGE. We can scramble the status quo- and we must. We can even seat convention on its head.

We've got to keep thinking, keep improving, keep changing, and keep challenging ourselves to achieve new heights.

If we can do it, then we must allow the Government to keep their word albeit not furnishing them with 100% of our trust. WE CAN DO IT.

Take charge!

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