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Mary had a bathing suit on
It was the best brand no doubt
It was a rare collection of a renowned designer
When she donned it on, she was an excitement to behold
Alas! She was also half way out of it.



When I go through the glossy pages of top notch magazines as I enjoy the photo memories of A-Class events it often befuddles me why there is this craze for less is more fashion statement for Sista’s. Most times, these events are held in 5-Star rated venues that ensure that their Air conditioning system surpasses that of a morgue. Why would one dress so as to enjoy a party and ultimately catch a chill? What is even more befuddling is the fact that not every Sista attends these events with a guy in tow as a date. I wonder how my lovely Sista’s are able to go home in the full glare of the world in something as fashionable as a shawl (only) without a man’s shoulders to dignify the dressing to some extent.

I love window shopping a great deal as it affords me the opportunity to stifle the impulsive rage in me. If I chance upon a fashion piece that I admire, I immediately take it to the fitting room for the inevitable sizing. Aside ensuring to check out that the price tag is within my budget, I also insist that my admiration for the piece equals the comfort it offers me.
Why would I buy a garb with my own fund that has no respect for my comfort and portrayed credibility? All one does on adorning attire is to enjoy the moment and also hope that the apparel adds value to the eye of a beholder. The value should be far from going the whole 9 yards in the mind of any guy that behold the attire.

Let us assume that I am at this smart business gathering where I aim to showcase the strengths of my business brand and ultimately close some deals. I suddenly identify a prospective client that I walk up to. In the course of our business discussion, I perceive that he is more fascinated by the valley of my twin towers than the smart ideas I am dishing out. How should I feel at this point?

  • Should I blame the poor dude that could not pretend not to love the beauty of my twin towers
  • Should I curse the dress for not covering me up properly
  • Should I blame my inadequacy to truly impress with my smart business ideas even though I effortlessly do same with my rounded endowment

The blame list goes on and on but the fact remains that less especially in dressing is not the all new sexy!
Less is not more! #Fact

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# Segun Omojola 2012-04-03 20:42
With cleavage in view, men don't see beyond the cleavage. Very "Nailed it" write up. Very #Gbam# in the truest form. If ladies want men to notice the brains, keep the curves covered.
# Blossom 2012-04-05 15:43
Word!!! The guys should also be a bit more prudent with their stare sha. Lol!
# Ademola 2012-04-04 11:36
Well,this has been a topic of argument between I and a female tweep yesterday...simply because a guy suggested modesty in ladies dressings will help curb the rising trend in Rape cases, he was attacked furiously! I came into the conversation with vexation when the lady suggested the guy to rape his sister at home just because she wears revealing clothes!! Why should you display your curves in public and don't want to entice prowling eyes...not all men in the society are sane when it comes to ladies nudity.Some can't control themselves so why attract them? Am not against dressing as you wish but your mode of dressing should command respect and protect your integrity. There has to be moderation in all you do. You won't display your dollars in public just because armed robbery is a crime. Rape is a crime yet you have to protect yourself too. I wish our sisters will learn there is no dignity in revealing your cleavages & curves. Keep them private!! We don't wanna see!! Thanks!!
# Blossom 2012-04-05 15:45
Keep them private. That is the summary of the whole post Sir. Thanks for reiterating.
# Lara Sanusi 2012-04-04 12:48
The irony is lost on most ladies, especially in the workplace some Sista's believes that by being the cynosure of all eyes then they are attractive, they do not know that the more exposed they are the less respect they get from men.
# Blossom 2012-04-05 15:46
Yes! Beauty and Brains should be well blended with common sense.
# Madam Koi Koi 2012-04-04 13:25
I have slowly come to this realization. In this unfair world, your looks tell everyone what you have on offer long before you have opened your mouth to speak. A real tragedy.
# Blossom 2012-04-05 15:47
Definitely as even a fool is considered wise if he/she keeps his/her mouth shut. Appearance is key!
# shimmer 2012-04-16 19:48
You really feel that a woman needs a "man's shoulder" to "dignify" her dressing? That statement is sad, and demeaning, and wrong.
I get the need to cover up, the need for decency.
But usually, when fashionista's say less is more they mean less accessories. Not the pantyhose and the jacket and the huge necklace and the chandelier earrings and hat and sunglasses and shiny stilettos all at once.
Sometimes less is more. No huge bulky train, even a shorter length. When I have a bad week, I like to go out on the weekend in a short dress that would make everyone stare, it assures me that I'm attractive. I don't think I would ever need the shoulders of any man to "dignify" my dressing. Even in my nakedness, I will choose to hold my head high. Like Bree Van De Kamp. Regardless of situations. Or my short slutty dress.
# Blossom 2012-04-19 11:00
I totally appreciate your view. My statement on the need for a Man's shoulder was also qualified by "to some extent" suggesting that I also do not believe totally in the need for a Man's shoulder.
I also themed my post not to be a display of not knowing what "Less is more" means in the fashion world. It is an intentional theme to catch attention.
Thank you dearest.

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