GTB Asset Management Launches #myPASS Print E-mail

GTB Asset Management (GTBAM) launches myPASS, an investment product that guarantees an investor’s initial capital while also assuring him/her

of profit. myPASS was primarily developed for professionals & entrepreneurs who are working hard to build their careers and businesses, but do not

have the time to develop and monitor investments.

myPASS is a Project Aimed Savings Scheme that ensures an investor gets appreciable returns on savings and investments without taking any risks

on the principal.

It is suitable for individuals looking to save towards special projects, school fees, vacation, pilgrimage, property etc.

Follow on Twitter: @GTBAsset

Twitter Event Hashtag: #myPASS

There are three product categories in myPASS: Orange, Silver & Gold. With a minimum investment of N100,000 clients are entitled to a 10 - 14%

return on investment, depending on the level of their investment. Silver and Gold account holders are also entitled to free financial planning and

can use their deposits as collateral.

Reveling in Lack Print E-mail

Poverty is not the absence of tangible things but it is basically the absence of ideas.

Do you equate your immediate lack at the present to mean poverty?

Do pause on the thought and listen carefully as I refute it for you…

Growing up as a pretty little girl, I was privileged to have and exhibit some stunning ideas that saw me have almost everything that I ever needed

in life.

We rarely eat eggs at home. This is obviously due to the fact that my Father was a Librarian who had more access to books than he had to funds.

My mother was a teacher and as we all knew then, the rewards for teachers are all stored up in heaven.

Amidst all these seeming lack, I had a particular period when eggs were the only delicacy that my parents would willingly offer me.

Music In Me Print E-mail

The much anticipated #MUSIC IN ME Album Launch!

Date: 16th September, 2012

Venue: Ladi Kwali Hall, Sheraton Hotels, Abuja

Time: 4pm

Ticket: 1,000NGN at Jevinik Restaurant Wuse 2, Abuja.

Follow Steve on Twitter: @stevewilliz

Twitter Event Hashtag: #SWMusicInMe

Performing artists:

Samsong, Dr Panam Percy Paul, Solomon Lange, Mista seth, Faze,Ogecha, C-rydaz, N.T.T.T.Y Josh, P.Benson, Don sam, 565, Jay R, Jaffy, CD,

Manuz, Gospelondabeat, Pastor Mo, Mystro, Kenny Sam.

On the wheels:

Dj Alex.

#SaveMeka Fund Raiser 09 09 2012 Print E-mail
Thursday, 06 September 2012 15:57

A forth-night ago, I posted an article on a friend Meka (Click here to read it)

It is my joy to announce that a young Nigerian called Ohimai Godwin Amaize has decided to embrace all the network available to him to organize a

fund raiser in furtherance to the #SaveMeka cause.


The official statement from Ohimai Godwin Amaize:

Subscribe: #AdoptATweep #BYOD Event Print E-mail

The #AdoptATweep is an innovative event aimed at empowering people to create brands that will attract attention on Twitter.

The #AdoptATweep session will endeavor to teach folks how to create brands that will attract attention on Twitter.

Basically, the #AdoptATweep session is a quarterly event aimed at teaching folks simple twitter growth secrets at a 100% discounted fee. In

other words FREE!!!

Guarantee****The #AdoptATweep session is free and will always be!

#BYOD means bring your own device that is poised to making it richer in value.

At this #AdoptATweep session, all candidates would be expected to come along with their personal mobile device such that logistics can be

greatly simplified.

The #AdoptATweep session has just one curriculum tagged “10 simple ways to explode on Twitter” that will embrace growth principles and

embracing social media entrepreneurship using the twitter platform.

Date: 22nd September, 2012.

Time: 3pm to 6pm.

Venue: Sofa Leather Lounge, #81 Adetokunbo Ademola Crescent, Wuse 2, Abuja.

RSVP: 08093413213

Venue Website:


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