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When NADINE is confronted with the reality of her failing marriage, her first instinct is to work it out.

She has had it drummed into her that marriage is ‘for better, for worse’.

Walking out is just not an option - her faith would condemn her and her culture would make her a pariah.


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The word ‘sexy’ is largely used to express the idea that one has the ability or demeanor to arouse or tend to arouse sexual desire or interest. In other words, it means that such a folk is highly appealing or interesting and attractive.
In various relationships which I can summarize to be classified into the ‘Triple M’ of life: Market Place, Marriage and Ministry, there is a particular virtue that most folks would love to be showcased by the other party. This virtue is called faithfulness.

Faithfulness is the ability to be all or any of the following:
•    Steady in one’s allegiance and affection
•    Reliable and Dependable
•    Adhering to an original culture
The natural man often lacks the ability to be faithful to a cause at all times. It takes a conscious, constant effort and determination to build on the drive to become faithful to a cause.
Now what on earth does the extolled virtue of faithfulness have to do with being sexy?
Let us go down a storyline that I pray will unravel the semblance.

I learnt how to sell my Stupidity on the 3rd of March, 2012 Print E-mail

I woke up on this very morning and like a very stupid lady, I immediately reached out for my phone and did a whole bunch of early morning tweeting.
Before I knew it the clock chimed 7am, I finally put the phone aside and had my moment with my lord. I then grabbed my breakfast and sashayed to the bathroom for my morning rituals.
I hopped into a waiting BRT bus and bam! I was on my way to the prestigious Extreme Marketing Boot camp organized by my friend and brother Okechukwu Ofili the tutor of stupidity himself. He even wrote a book titled “How stupidity saved my life”



The ride was fun; I actually chatted up my co passenger and most definitely dropped a copy of my Social Card with her.
Due to my assumption that everywhere had an almost non existing traffic situation like Abuja, I got to the venue an hour behind schedule. All good, I did not miss so much thanks to the awesome “African time” syndrome.

Say No To Charles Ikeji (Take 2) PDF Print E-mail

Madam Kerosene as she is fondly called by the residents of the boisterous Angwan Gude town of Kuje Area Council in the outskirts of Abuja City, FCT is a totally confused lady as at this post. One would ask why a petty trader that sells the much needed kerosene commodity which in turn ensures that food is kept on the table for her family would close shop and be in a state of despair for weeks on end.
The above thoughts form the prelude to this post. Please share this to as many people as possible as we journey into a most painful part that showcases the peak of wickedness.


Say No To Charles Ikeji (Take 1) PDF Print E-mail

While it is easy to be horrified by what one man is being accused of when you see headlines in the newspaper about a public figure, school teacher, or even your neighbor, being taken to jail, you can be certain he is not the only man who has been singled out, and accused of been identified as being a child molester.
Incidents of child molesting continue to be front page news. When it occurs in a major company, a public figure, a well thought of sports figure, or a member of your neighborhood, most people get all exercised and demand something be done.
For far too long, the whole focus on preventing child molestation was all about “stranger danger.” Most girls, especially were warned at a very young age to be afraid of strangers. Don’t let them get you. Most of people of a certain age have been told the same thing.
The problem is: child molestation is not about strangers but the people we know: family members, members of our social circle, people in our churches, local professionals and acquaintances in our neighborhood.


It is estimated that 1 in 20 teenage boys and adult men are sexual molesters. One teenage girl or adult women in 3,500 females are sexual molesters.

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