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Ruff 'n' Tumble is a company that designs, produces and retails a line of children's clothing from 12months - 16years for both boys and girls.


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• Use every opportunity to nurture your kids, learn to be conscious of your role as a mother.
• Remember to have some fun like a child as you go on the parenting journey. A child that is fearless and believes in the possibility of her dreams.
• Your dreams can come true for you let nothing stop you but learn to keep the balance between fulfilling your dream and family life.


Propland Associates


Propland Associates is a firm of Estate Surveyors incorporated in 2003 to practice the profession of Real Estate Management services in the country.


Less is not more PDF Print E-mail

...Mary had a bathing suit on
It was the best brand no doubt
It was a rare collection of a renowned designer
When she donned it on, she was an excitement to behold
Alas! She was also half way out of it...



When I go through the glossy pages of top notch magazines as I enjoy the photo memories of A-Class events it often befuddles me why there is this craze for less is more fashion statement for Sista’s. Most times, these events are held in 5-Star rated venues that ensure that their Air conditioning system surpasses that of a morgue. Why would one dress so as to enjoy a party and ultimately catch a chill? What is even more befuddling is the fact that not every Sista attends these events with a guy in tow as a date. I wonder how my lovely Sista’s are able to go home in the full glare of the world in something as fashionable as a shawl (only) without a man’s shoulders to dignify the dressing to some extent.

Men please talk PDF Print E-mail

…Who run the world? #Girls
…Who run the Girls? #Dudes
…Who run the Dudes? #Girls
A lame attempt at poetry… Hehehehe!



The three pot bellied men sat comfortably as they nursed their drinks amidst so much suspense as their favorite team is yet to score in a very crucial Football game. One would have thought that their consternation had more to it than a mere football cracker.
Suddenly, she sashays down the hotel lobby. All the curves are positioned to perfection. Her face is dreamy. The fragrance of her perfume is cupid endorsed. The walk is catlike. She seats elegantly in the next Sofa to the three Broda’s and calmly brandishes her Blackberry phone. Lost in the world of her BBM chat, she is pleasantly unaware of what her presence has done to the three pot bellied, heavily married men seated awestruck by her side.

This is the everyday experience that most husbands face in the heat of the day and in the breeze of the night. They daily collide with the pure awesomeness of Sista’s that takes the extra step to revel in vanity.

The Fulfilled Sista (#TripleM Effect) PDF Print E-mail

She looks at her past with a wide smile. She engages her future with a bubbly laugh.
Does she have some mistakes to her credit as penned down by her yesterday? YES!
This in no way means that her tomorrow is all roses and caviar.
She has pledged to always make her tomorrow a model for her yesterday.
How she does this is quite simple. She ensures that her yesterday is truly jealous of the achievements of today.
She loves God in a manner that can only be imagined.
She is totally crazy about her husband.
She dotes on her children like a mother hen.
Her marriage is sacred and she will always revel in the joy of marriage.
In the market Square, she showcases an astonishing level of expertise and commitment.
She is purpose driven.
She is a Sista.
She is a fulfilled Sista.
She has got the #TripleM effect


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