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Everyone desires a large followership on twitter.

I am talking for myself and the majority of Naija folks that I have come across in recent times.

This post is definitely not for you if you wish to remain at the same level of 10 to 100 number of folks following you.


If you want to grow your twitter followership, just follow these 16 tips in no particular order.


  • Tip 1: Fill out your bio.
  • Tip 2: Use a photo of YOU as your avatar.
  • Tip 3: I recommend you don’t protect your tweets. If you MUST, then a public network isn’t the best place to hang out.
  • Tip 4: When you follow folks, do not ask for a follow back. It makes one seem desperate.
  • Tip 5: Unfollow smartly using @ManageFlitter services. They are really good!
  • Tip 6: Ensure to #Gbagaun on purpose once in a while. It could get you your first trend!
  • Tip 7: If you want to get retweeted, leave enough space.
  • Tip 8: If you want to get a real life celebrity to follow you, simply feed their ego with honest excitement.
  • Tip 9: Do not follow twitter users with no avatar. They are certainly not there to acknowledge your presence.
  • Tip 10: Do not gate crash into a conversation. It is best practice to view the entire conversation and then make inputs.
  • Tip 11: It seems better when you Retweet the original tweet poster. Retweeting from a Retweet seems rude.
  • Tip 12: What’s buzzing on Twitter right now? Find out from trends and hashtags.
  • Tip 13: Always use to shorten your links. You can even customize such. E.g
  • Tip 14: You always have a choice on how you behave and react to other twitter users.
  • Tip 15: Learn to KISS. I can only recommend the lol! acronym. Find simple words to convey your thoughts on the rest.
  • Tip 16: Ask Google before asking that question on twitter. You could save your self from the response of rude users.
  • Bonus Tip 1: Kindly follow me (@blcompere) to get one more follower.

  • Bonus Tip 2: Share this post on twitter to add value to your followers.

    They will most likely Retweet it and amplify your thoughts.


My name is Blossom of the blcompère brand. I am a soon to be published Author, a certified Blogger and an amazing Compère and most recently, a lousy Designer... as simple as A. B. C. D.


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# funsho benson 2012-07-23 11:47
This is just too lovely. You make the understanding of what twiitter is all about so simple! More wisdom ma'am!
# ayospecie 2012-07-23 11:54
Amazing tips.
# @Greyspoon 2012-07-23 16:13
This is funny " Ask Google before asking that question on twitter". Thanks for the tips.
# Bliss 2012-07-25 10:13
Interesting.... Thanks for the info. Xoxo
# @dongohenry 2012-08-08 11:08
So awesome! One love.

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